24 January 2014

Sochi, Sports, Stress and Success

     As cameras close-in on the Russian Alps, expectations begin to tower like chips at a Vegas casino table.  Besides bets on the Super Bowl game, there’s speculation about Olympic medal counts with oddsmakers sure to chime-in. Yet, we don’t hear complaints from the athletes about the arctic conditions for Super Bowl Sunday nor do we hear much about terrorist attack fear from the Olympians. Their focus, their love is to participate. And as a result of practice, finely tuned management skills and commitment, their energies and drive funnel in one direction— success, blocking out any and all distractions. Much like a steeplechase, the competitors move fluidly in one direction to insure victory. Without the horse who provides the physical prowess and talent, the team will fail. Conversely, without the rider who provides judgment and leadership, the team would not collaborate. Truly, the physical and the mental dichotomy equally contribute to a championship finish.