16 October 2015

4 Star Review by Sorrel of longandshortreviews.com

"I spent a couple of days after I finished the the book thinking about how I was going to write this review.
Despite its marketing, this was nothing like the FSOG trilogy. It was a lot better.
Plenty…the name itself is strange but after reading the story I think it suits the plot.  The one thing I have to add is that I loved how the author gave names to each chapter. Some of the names were a little quirky but very understandable once you read it.
That being said, I think potential readers should be warned this story is not a soft or easy read. It delves deep in to the mind of a druggie trying to make a better life for herself. This is a hardcore story and not for the faint of heart. I had to read it in two sittings since I was crying so much I couldn’t see the screen.
Camille loves her grandma a lot. More than her parents. The book starts in the present but every now and then shifts into the future and this  really added to the story. It happens seamlessly and not too frequently.
I really loved that Camille does fall off the deep end when she meets Grant and starts going out with him. The situation quickly goes from bad to worse.  Although this is a fiction story, it draws from real life.  People in fact do use drugs and do go off the deep end when they allow themselves to be coerced by mates or friends or lovers. This makes this story so real and helped me feel for these characters.
The author did a great job weaving the story together. There were some grammatical mistakes which took some effort for me to ignore, which was a shame since the story is so solid. But the satisfying end made it all worthwhile..." 

Unabridged Andra: REVIEW: Plenty (+$25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

"Camille was tough to really put your finger on. You really start to cheer for her during the beginning, but she makes a lot of poor decisions along the way that had me questioning her character and if I even liked who I was reading about. Eventually though, her quick wit and personality shine through and make you glad you are on her side. Grant on the other hand...He's kind of despicable. While there's a lot of saucy-sizzling scenes at play, I never really liked him or any of the guys here. 

 My favorite thing about this book was the feeling of tension and suspense that filled me during the entire experience. The plot moves at a quick pace, steadily building until you're more invested in it than in your own life for that brief moment in time. The rapid-fire action will keep even the most easily-bored readers with plenty to occupy their minds and time. 

Kelly writes with a distinct style that hints at visuals rather than explicitly states them. She paints pictures with metaphors and analogies well, that never detract from the flavor and tone of her own unique style. I'd read another Kelly K. Lavender piece any day.

4 Star Review by Romorror Fan Girl (Because there's nothing better than Romance & Horror): PLENTY BY KELLY K. LAVENDER - VIRTUAL & REVIEW TOU...

"The title of this book is pretty accurate, because there is PLENTY, plenty action, emotions, sex, violence, corruption and plenty twists and turns. At first is a little overwhelming, because everything happen in the first chapters, but the story kept me on edge all through until the end. I don't want to give up too much information, because it's really hard to put in words the emotions that I felt reading this story.
Beware!! The author uses a raw vocabulary and some situations are extreme, this is not a book for everybody.
So, are you in or are you out?"

4 Star Review by Liz Gavin

"This is the first book by Kelly K. Lavender that I read and can say it was a good story. There are twists and turns in the plot and a lot of action.
Judging by what other reviewers wrote, I expected more intense, graphic sex scenes but there aren’t that many. I obviously am not counting the violent one, only the consensual.
I also couldn’t find any connection to the Fifty Shades trilogy and wouldn’t classify this book in the erotica genre as it’s been described elsewhere and in this online store. Being an erotica writer, I was disappointed and that’s why I rated it a 4-star story."