20 March 2014

Spring Break, Peripateticism, Pining and Pets

   It’s Spring Break, and we finally accomplish our bucket list goal of traveling to Europe albeit as chaperones for a school trip. Peripateticism takes on a new meaning as we embark on a whirlwind trip to experience three cities in 2 countries in 5 days using subways, trains and buses. On day one, we hopscotch from Dallas to Atlanta to Paris on an overnight flight. As we are about to embark on the last leg of our journey, my nose and throat warn me of an emerging head cold—can’t cancel now and antibiotics out of my reach. On day two, a quick stop at the hotel to drop our bags and brush our teeth before we rocketed out of the gate, fighting a daylight savings time switch coupled with sleepless night on the plane hangover, to walk 10 miles, see the sights and fall into bed after a 17 hour day. Yes, someone wore a pedometer. And yes, breakneck speed not only encouraged but expected—leading to an unfortunate fall on a crosswalk of a busy cobbled street. After I hit the street with a thud and my sunglasses joined me moments after, I lay sprawled on the street stunned by the turn of events like a running back felled by a dirty tackle. Luckily, my knee absorbed the brunt of the energy and the pear shaped hematoma reminded me that fleet feet don’t master cobbled streets. The remaining days involved walking, climbing stairs, sightseeing and sprinting after subway trains. According to another chaperone, we averaged 8 miles a day with a smattering of sleep, as in never enough, in order to stay on track with the tight schedule. Now, I wouldn’t consider this trip a flaming failure as we met some wonderful people, saw the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Versailles, the Champs Elysee and the Arc de Triomphe and the Mona Lisa, the Uffizi, the Museo Galileo and the Pont Vecchio. Lunch breaks and the occasional shopping trip were blissful.