07 September 2014

The Bedazzling Benefits of the Bountiful Book

The Bedazzling Benefits of the Bountiful Book

Bend to grab the book on the bottom shelf, and stretch or jump to reach the book on the top shelf. Why?  Reading books can enrich our lives in several surprising ways-
·       Reading books produces physical results by relaxing a body.  In fact according to the Huffington Post, reading bests the old standards of walking, drinking a cup of tea, listening to music or playing a video game. In fact, within the span of a mere 6 minutes, the body responds to reading with measurable differences in heart rate and muscle tension. Actually, The Telegraph reported in 2009 that stress levels fall by 68%!!

·       Reading books sharpen “theory of the mind” skills also known as reading the thoughts and feelings of others. Needless to say,  this proficiency plays an important role in the boardroom, the bus station or the shopping mall.

·       Reading books keeps the brain buff. Like any other muscle, a brain requires a work-out, especially in the senior years, to avoid memory decline and to reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s. Essentially, reading promotes good brain health.

·       Reading books can build character by increasing our sense of empathy according to one study. Who doesn’t need an extra dollop of empathy?

·       Reading self help books, bibliotherapy, can help people cope with depression. A PLOS ONE study indicated that bibliotherapy, coupled with support sessions to effectively use the technique, showed promising results. 

·       Reading books boosts memory, focus, concentration while also building vocabulary and knowledge, undeniable assets in the business world.

·       Reading anchors and grows our society’s literacy level as one reader passes the skill and adoration for a good book to the next generation. Also, interestingly enough, readers tend to donate more money to charities and volunteer more than non-readers.

So, pardon me, as I end this blog to download and enjoy both a “body massage” and cerebrum calisthenics, penned by one of my favorite authors. By the way, who else will be indulging today?