16 October 2015

Unabridged Andra: REVIEW: Plenty (+$25 Amazon GC Giveaway!)

"Camille was tough to really put your finger on. You really start to cheer for her during the beginning, but she makes a lot of poor decisions along the way that had me questioning her character and if I even liked who I was reading about. Eventually though, her quick wit and personality shine through and make you glad you are on her side. Grant on the other hand...He's kind of despicable. While there's a lot of saucy-sizzling scenes at play, I never really liked him or any of the guys here. 

 My favorite thing about this book was the feeling of tension and suspense that filled me during the entire experience. The plot moves at a quick pace, steadily building until you're more invested in it than in your own life for that brief moment in time. The rapid-fire action will keep even the most easily-bored readers with plenty to occupy their minds and time. 

Kelly writes with a distinct style that hints at visuals rather than explicitly states them. She paints pictures with metaphors and analogies well, that never detract from the flavor and tone of her own unique style. I'd read another Kelly K. Lavender piece any day.

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