02 November 2015

5* Review by S. Terril (Librarian) aka librarynerdette

It was the coloring of the cover that first grabbed me on this book, but I’m so glad to have picked it up. Plenty was a fantastic mix of mystery and modern day heroes. There is a lot of darkness here, especially within the characters. Camille has endured some dark times, but is hell bent determined for that not to get her down.
I really enjoyed the time jumps within the story and thought that added a lot of dimension to the narrative. Everything came together really nicely, even by the midpoint of the book and continued to build from there. The pacing of Camille’s story is a big part of what had me frantically turning pages to find out what happens next.
This story is not shy when it comes to grittier moments, sex, violence and any number of elements that would not be suitable for younger readers.

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